R U OK? Day

Today is R U OK? Day. This is something I really support because I really do think that sometimes just having someone check in on you can make a huge difference. I’ve checked on people when I felt that something is out of whack, and all I’m hoping is that everyone takes a second just to check and ask people if they are ok – it’s about caring.


This short story from news.com.au is pretty moving;

One weekend he was working on his house when he noticed a work colleague who lived nearby standing in his driveway. He said hello, but his colleague didn’t reply, just stood and stared for a minute and then wandered off.
His colleague’s behaviour concerned him and he made a snap decision to follow his colleague home and ask him if he was OK. He found him in his carport making preparations to end his life.

If you want to read more, learn about it… read the News.com.au article.

Here is a video relating to “R U OK?” from a leader stand point: