My Brother, My Brother and Me – “Tarantulas & Travis Did a Hit” – Full TV Episode.

Do you know someone that isn’t really a fan of spiders? Maybe share this with them. The Mcelroy Brothers (hosts of My favourite podcast “My Brother, My Brother and Me”) have launched their first episode of their new TV show. Needless to say it’s awesome.

The McElroy Brothers try convince a viewer’s wife to let him get a tarantula. So, the brothers pull out all of the stops to rebrand the mighty tarantula. Travis commits a violent act.

Why I really want you to start listening to ‘My Brother, My Brother and Me’

Have you every found a new piece of entertainment that is just so good, so amazing, that you wish everyone you knew appreciated it too? You know what I mean though, like that kick ass TV show you’ve just gotten into… you want people to join you in those good good times. This is my pitch for you… and others… to become some cool babies.


What is My Brother, My Brother and Me?

Comedy genius? auditory gold? something that will make you laugh out loud in public… it’s all of these things. It’s Three brothers, doing a (comedy) advice podcast where they take questions and provide their advice. I’m not doing it justice… seriously… it’s the best thing in the world and my hope that you’ll check it out.


Here are some samples…

Here is a taste… “I hate you Ron”;

and I’m going to have to back that up with “Am I Good?”

…and even thought I’ve posted this already… I have to give you “Glass Shark”;

What are you waiting for… subscribe and start listening!

Now I’m hoping that after listening to these three goofs you’ll want to grab your phone, find their podcast (iPhone; Podcast App / Android; I dunno… podcast addict?) and then start listening.

It’s perfect for driving in your car, whilst cooking dinner, cleaning the house, …bus commute… anything!

I’m going to be posting more about MBMBaM – so I hope you all start getting into it.

and one last thing… they’ve been so good, so funny, they have had it made into a TV SHOW;



….and here are three more, because… you just need to get into this;

Self Colonoscopy

Tit Liquid

Travis Supercut


The best 15 posts of 2016

I decided to hand pick what I think were the best posts on the blog in 2016. If you click on any of the images it’ll lead you to that post (in a new tab), alternatively, the URLS to each post are listed at the end.


15. IT Crowd – People, what a bunch of bastards (Gif)

The IT Crowd is one of my all time favourite shows, and is something everyone should watch. This gif is perfect for a wide array of uses.


14. Let your reputation speak for itself.

This powerful message / image is great because not only is a strong message about work ethic/hard work… but it also ties really well back into pop culture with John Wick;

13. Love Star Wars

You all know how much I love Star Wars… and this image sums up that feeling pretty well;


12. Collection of Awesome is back!

So, big guess as to why I included this post in my best posts of 2016… well it should be obvious. In May 2016 I decided to re-launch the blog. You can read all about it via the link or by clicking on the icon below;


11. Take a nap (Evil Kermit)

I really liked the Evil Kermit meme that came out in 2016 and this one in particular really spoke to me.


10. Tech Support – Husband 1.0 is not working as expected

Often you’ll hear about wives complaining about their husbands, this brilliant back and forth is great. It’s well worth the read.


9. Hero firefighter saves life with incredible resuscitation (Gif)

When I saw this gif of a firefighter saving the life of this toddler with this incredible resuscitation I had to share it.


8. This is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause (gif)

When I first posted this back in May 2016 I joked that we could all post/share this if Donald Trump was elected President… little did I know we would all need this come November;


7. How to care for a sad person

This whole comic strip is just really cute and perfect. Sometimes we have to help out someone who is sad, and these steps would really help cheer someone up;


6. Bojack Horseman – Rose-coloured glasses

Sometimes comedy TV shows can have profound moments. This scene from Bojack Horseman is one of those moments.


5. Glass Shark comin’ for you (MBMBaM)

I am a massive My Brother, My Brother, and Me (MBMBaM) podcast fan. I wish I could convert everyone I know to the show because it is so great / funny. This is just one of their random moments… seriously check them out and get back to me… I’ll wait!


4.  Two-Face no longer wants his Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Poor Samsung… the problems with the Galaxy Note 7 have meant they’ve lost face in the tech world… and this meme/image takes that joke literally.


3. How to Drive Across the U.S. Hitting all the Major Landmarks efficiently

This post from June was just really cool. I want to do a massive roadtrip across the USA and I’m glad that someone took the time and effort to map out the more efficient route to do that;


2. Ben’s head is filled with useless information

This is technically something I posted a while ago, but I really liked it because we all know a friend like this… and it is also relevant because it’s BEN.


1. CollectionofAwesome’s 2016 – a year in review

I have always wanted to do a yearly recap, but focus on the parts of the year that I liked. I spent a lot of time on this, and I really hope people liked it. Please check it out and let me know what you think (or share it!)



I hope that you’ve enjoyed my hand-picked selection of posts from 2016. Let me know if you liked this, thought other posts were more worthy… happy to hear from you.