How to Drive Across the U.S. Hitting all the Major Landmarks efficiently

This is high on my bucket list… driving all over the United States and seeing all of the cool stuff. This person (Randal Olsen) has mapped out the most efficient route for doing so… which is neat!

The route is 22,046 km (13,699 miles) of driving. Which will take 224 hours (9.33 days) of driving to complete. He estimates it’ll take at least 2-3 months to complete. 

You can read Randal’s original post HERE.

The article that tipped me off HERE

and check out the online map HERE.

I’m half Australian and half American. I’m fortunate enough to hold dual citizenship, though I was born and live in Australia. I have been to “the states” quite a lot, I have family and friends I would love to visit. I have been all over California, and to a smattering of other places (Washington DC, Iowa, Minnesota) but not really gotten to venture as far or as wide as I would have liked.

Both my wife and I share a desire to visit New York / Brooklyn – it looks like an incredible place to visit and I’ve been to some other big cities (Seoul, Tokyo, London, Paris) so it would be great to see The Big Apple.

Well, I hope that you’ve thought that this is as neat as I have… I’m saving it here and just imaging what it would be like to do this trip!. Anyone want to sponsor me and a small group to do the trip?! Air BNB?! haha… wow that would be cool.