Why I really want you to start listening to ‘My Brother, My Brother and Me’

Have you every found a new piece of entertainment that is just so good, so amazing, that you wish everyone you knew appreciated it too? You know what I mean though, like that kick ass TV show you’ve just gotten into… you want people to join you in those good good times. This is my pitch for you… and others… to become some cool babies.


What is My Brother, My Brother and Me?

Comedy genius? auditory gold? something that will make you laugh out loud in public… it’s all of these things. It’s Three brothers, doing a (comedy) advice podcast where they take questions and provide their advice. I’m not doing it justice… seriously… it’s the best thing in the world and my hope that you’ll check it out.


Here are some samples…

Here is a taste… “I hate you Ron”;

and I’m going to have to back that up with “Am I Good?”

…and even thought I’ve posted this already… I have to give you “Glass Shark”;

What are you waiting for… subscribe and start listening!

Now I’m hoping that after listening to these three goofs you’ll want to grab your phone, find their podcast (iPhone; Podcast App / Android; I dunno… podcast addict?) and then start listening.

It’s perfect for driving in your car, whilst cooking dinner, cleaning the house, …bus commute… anything!

I’m going to be posting more about MBMBaM – so I hope you all start getting into it.

and one last thing… they’ve been so good, so funny, they have had it made into a TV SHOW;



….and here are three more, because… you just need to get into this;

Self Colonoscopy

Tit Liquid

Travis Supercut