The Alchemist Espresso, Cammeray – A Hidden Gem in the back of Cammeray.

In the back of Cammeray there is a little cafe called “The Alchemist Espresso” that puts some science into the cafe game. The cafe is located on the corner of Carter and Wilson Street in Cammeray, serves up a really good coffee, and some tasty food.

If you spot the giant old “VB” sign on the building, you’ll know you’ve found the right place. There is usually parking on Carter St opposite.

The interior decorating is fantastic. I couldn’t take enough photos of it. Just note that you place your order at the counter.

Decided to make this shot black & white, I think it worked well.

Now, to the good part, what did we have? Well naturally coffee…

Large Skim Cappuccino ($4.00)

The coffee at Alchemist is really great. I really enjoyed my large cup, I look forward to my next visit.

Great Coffee – a friend asked me for the original file to use as a wallpaper, so if you click on this one you get it in it’s massive filesize.


Huevos Rancheros ($16.90)

I ordered the huevos rancheros because they sounded really good on the menu, what I received however was something I would call “deconstructed huevos rancheros”. Not to be picky, but I was expecting something a little more akin to the traditional dish, and for $16.90 I was disappointed to receive one poached egg. The flavour was there, the tortilla was great, and the egg cooked perfectly… but I was a little sad by this one. To be honest I was have remorse from not picking the Cheese BLT (which I’ve heard is good). The one plus about having it served this way was that I was forced to eat it with a knife and fork. The other thing that stood out was that the spice/heat (chilli) in this was a little too much. I like chilli, and spice, but this had a lingering heat that meant I reached for the water over my coffee (and still felt minutes later).

The huevos rancheros were a little more deconstructed than I imagined.


Warm Moroccan Spiced Chicken ($19.00)

The star of the meal and the reason for our visit. My wife actually visited the cafe with a girlfriend the day before, and had this, and was raving about it. I wanted to try this new cafe and hence us coming back the next day. The secret to this dish is to ask for “additional relish”. The chicken is slowly cooked and the entire dish is delicious. I can’t imagine someone ordering this and being unhappy (but do go for more of that relish – trust us!).

Did I mention asking for more relish… it’s really good!


One of the things I really liked was all the Science references. The only yelp review criticises that alchemy isn’t chemistry… but seriously, get a grip, they’ve gone with a theme and I appreciate it. One thing I really liked was that the table numbers were actually elements from the periodic table (not pictured). In prominent display is the organic chemistry symbol for Caffeine;

Caffeine – in organic chemistry notation


Now one thing that was frustrating was the fact it was really hard to find a copy of their menu online, so I took some photos to help those of us that like to pick what they want ahead of time.

Here is a copy, as of May 2017;

Menu (page 1) – click to view larger size.
Menu (page 2) – click to view large size
Menu (page 3) – click to view large size






  • Great coffee.
  • Fascinating and fun interior.
  • Periodic Table Numbers !
  • New enough that it isn’t overwhelmed with people (?).


  • Lack of menu online (see above).
  • I didn’t really like my huevos rancheros (probably won’t order it again).
  • Questionable if prices for meals are just a tad too much? (family members have commented that they thought the price for food was high).


I want to come back and try that Cheese BLT and their other food. I know that my wife will always be happy to have that Warm Moroccan Spiced Chicken. They also had a special on a blackboard that sounded really good (something to do with warm oats that just sounded perfect on a cold winters day).

Address: 8 Carter St, Cammeray NSW 2062
Phone: 0418 977 082



Great Coffee – a friend asked me for the original file to use as a wallpaper, so if you click on this one you get it in it’s massive filesize.

A few really interesting Medical Images

In a previous life I worked in a radiology company, one of the most interesting things was when you would see something really strange. My crowning achievement however was an actual “light bulb up the butt” image (first image).

If you look you can see the shape and where the base of the light bulb has broken from the person ‘trying to remove it’.

A light bulb… up the butt
Nails in head
A very badly broken wrist
knife in head

May The Fourth be with you!

It’s STAR WARS DAY, and coincidentally, a year since I’ve resumed the blog.

To celebrate this day the blog will be posting non-stop Star Wars content.

This should be put above all male toilets

Just a quick recap of what’s happened over the past year.

1) We have gotten back to having 1,000 – 1,300 views a day!

Hovering at the 1,000 – 1,300 view / day mark

This is an incredible feat, considering there was a 5 month shut-down. Hopefully everyone who used to follow the blog is back with us. The sad thing is that a lot of that traffic comes from a single post (the walk-through for Doodle God). The goal however will be to maintain (and improve) that traffic to what I managed to reach in 2014 (total year view count of 536,042 = 1,468 views per day).

Look at that dent where I did the shut down
The Yearly stats, with 2014 = half a million views.

2) I’ve been slowly restoring the old content.

Simpson’s “Food Chain”

One of the nice things to learn is that although I did a fantastic job of removing the old blog posts, all of the media from that content was lurking in the backend. Now I have a fun of looking over the 3,447 media items and seeing what has already been posted. You might get the occasional bombardment of posts if you follow via RSS or other places, but I’ll turn off the facebook link for those old content so you don’t get swamped. I’m just going to back date the posts so if you browse anything from 2015 and earlier, that’s old content I’ve restored!

3) Editorial content (original content)

I’ve been generating and sharing some original content via the Editorial Section where I’ve included some more personal items.

4) More Reviews coming

As part of my drive for writing more editorial content, I’m also going to be sharing my restaurant reviews. Most of these will be Sydney-based locations, but could be elsewhere. I did a review of a fantastic restaurant in Canberra, and I’m also considering giving some insight into products, apps, other things I’ve used to share my opinions of them.

5) Recommend the blog to a friend, follow on Facebook

One thing I’d really appreciate is if you could recommend the blog to some friends or people that might enjoy the content that I’m posting. I have created a Facebook Page that is a really easy way to keep up to date with the latest posts, but also provides you with an easy way to SHARE or TAG your friends. For example, know someone that is a little competitive or loves Rick & Morty? You can just tag’em and hopefully they’ll start to follow the blog. Also, there are some things that I share only on the facebook page as a mini-treat (pun-for-example not intended) for those that have LIKED the page and follow it.


This should be put above all male toilets