J-Bay Surfer Boat

An incredible video has come out of a J-Bay boat that got stuck in a nasty spot and had no choice but to gun it and surf the wave. As someone that has driven powerboats in the surf I can attest this guy has done a fantastic job. I love how in the middle of it he fires up the second engine at just the right time (0:13) and gets enough speed to get out. Very cool.

You can read an interview with guy at Stabmag.com


Star Wars Battlefront II Trailer

Whilst everyone is very excited about the release of the official teaser for “Star Wars Episode 8 – The Last Jedi”, there was another trailer release that should also cause Star Wars fans to be excited. A New Battlefront game! From the looks of it, it’ll span quite a few eras… and shows events right after The Return of the Jedi.

How to Fold Dumplings

Dumplings are one of the best foods in the world. I love the fact that so many cultures have their own versions (mandu, dim sim, pot sticker, xiao long bao, gyoza, momo… *drools*). I think the idea of actually making dumplings yourself is a little daunting. Though they may look elaborate, it’s actually not that hard to fold a dumpling, here is a video that can show you how;

Source: Easy Ways to Fold Tasty, Perfect Dumplings

My Brother, My Brother and Me – “Tarantulas & Travis Did a Hit” – Full TV Episode.

Do you know someone that isn’t really a fan of spiders? Maybe share this with them. The Mcelroy Brothers (hosts of My favourite podcast “My Brother, My Brother and Me”) have launched their first episode of their new TV show. Needless to say it’s awesome.

The McElroy Brothers try convince a viewer’s wife to let him get a tarantula. So, the brothers pull out all of the stops to rebrand the mighty tarantula. Travis commits a violent act.

Japanese couple take a drone, travel the world for 400 days, and capture it all in this amazing video.

This is one of the coolest honeymoon ideas I’ve ever heard This is an incredible video that my wife shared with me. Watch it, the footage is incredible.

If you wanted to find out more… he did a talk about it on TEDxKyoto;

….my wife and I now really want a Phantom 4 Pro Drone… This would take @BJL_Photography to a whole new level….


Flight of the Conchords interview kids for a Charity Song using their answers for the lyrics… and the result is great.

Jemaine and Bret (Flight of the Conchords) wrote a charity song for Red Nose Day NZ 2012 by interviewing kids and then using their answers as the lyrics. It’s great.

Here is the video which starts with the interviews.

I would suggestion watching the first video (with the interviews) and when you are ready, skip to 5:06 to get to the song. Alternatively I’ve also put the YouTube of just the song. Enjoy! (Gotta get’s me some feta).


Song Only:

Here are the lyrics;

There are children who are so unwell,
They have to live their lives in hospitals,
They’re feeling lostpital,

Children getting sicker,
Drinking too much bubble mixture,
They all just wanna be bubbles,
They all just wanna be bubbles.

There must be something we can do,
To stop these kids from doing spews.

Feel inside,
And stuff like that,
Open up the lids,
Help help help the kids,
Feel inside,
And stuff like that,
Open up the lids,
Help help help the kids.

Kids need us to come together,
We can make them better,
We can get them some feta.

Can raffle scooters cars and movie vouchers,
John stop blowing all the money on couches.

We need a million and a hundred,
Ten and twenty-one dollars.

We need to build a trap so we can catch all the robbers,
We’ll take their money,
We’ll rob the robbers,
So we can fill a house,
Fill a house full of dollars.

We’ll go to peoples and ask to borrow some money,
They’ll probably all just give us some money,
We give them back less money and cause a confusion,
That’s the solution,
Yeah that’s the collusion.

Feel inside,
And stuff like that,
Open up the lids,
Help help help the kids,
Feel inside,
Feel inside,
Open up the lids,
Help help help the kids.

The banks got the money the money,
They get it from the prime minister,
The prime minister gets it from the queen,
The queen gets the money from the bank,
Who gets it from the prime minister,
The craziest financial system I’ve ever seen.

The kids that are sick can’t do hip-hop anymore,
Their tummies their tummies could be very sore,
We’ve gotta dig for some oil and some cystals and gold,
Collect teeth for the tooth fairy and put ’em in a bowl,
In a bowl,
In a bowl,
In a bowl,
In a bowl,
In a bowl,
In a bowl,
A giant bowl,
In a giant bowl.

Stop writing lyrics about yourself,
Get your magic wallet up off the shelf,
Oh no that wallet’s not there anymore,
I know late night come knock at my door.

We sneak in the room,
Where my parents snore,
My dad leaves his jeans lying on the floor,
In his back packet there’s a wallet we can score,
Get about 50 dollars,
Or maybe more.

Your dad catches you with wallet in hand,
Say it’s for the kids,
He’ll understand,
Don’t need to worry,
Don’t need to hide,
I just tell my dad to feel inside.

Feel inside,
And stuff like that,
Open up the lids,
Help help help the kids,
Feel inside,
And stuff like that,
Open up the lids,
Help help help the kids.

…and for those of you that are curious, the singers were:

  • Flight of the Conchords: Jemaine Clement & Bret McKenzie
  • Brooke Fraser – @brookefraser
  • Dave Dobbyn
  • Boh Runga
  • Sam Scott & Luke Buda (The Phoenix Foundation)
  • Savage (& crew)
  • Young Sid – Sid Diamond
  • PNC
  • Zowie
  • Ruby Frost
  • Kids of 88
  • Rikki Morris
  • Moana Maniapoto
  • Nathan King
  • Maitereya
  • Victoria Girling-Butcher
  • Elizabeth Marvelly
  • Peter Urlich
  • Massad
  • Cherie Mathieson