Simpsons – Mr Sparkle (gif)

“I had a discussion with Ed on the Facebook Page about the meaning behind the Japanese listed on this gif – I did a little bit of research and thought I’d share it below.” – Ben

“The box’s main caption, ミスタースパーコル, transliterates as Misutā Supākoru, “Mister Sparkle” in Japanese syllables. The words in the speech bubble, however, are ハワークリーン!, which transliterates as Hawā kurīn!, or “Hower clean!”. This is an animation error as it should say パワークリーン! (the first syllable having a handakuten accent), which translitarates as Pawā kurīn!, or “Power clean!”.”

Busty Girl Problems

“Just came across these series of cartoons promoting the problematic situations busty women have. I’ll pick the ones I like best and you can check out the rest via the source link.” – Ben

I think this applies to bumpy roads too

I reckon you'd end up doing image #2 because #1 just looks uncomfortable/strange.

PJs and Stairs are hazardous for everyone I think

Sorry, this is always amusing whenever it happens.

This just reminds me of a hilarious story I know. LOL

Guy vs. Girl opinion.

Source: Busty Girl Comics