14 Tips on how to use Twitter more effectively via Buffer Blog

“The good folks at Buffer blog have summed up 14 points to improve your twitter usage. I’ve often utilised twitter for social media and Buffer blog has some great tips. Click on the image or link below to go to the full article” – Insanity540


Click on the image or THIS LINK to visit the full post on Buffer Blog.

The basic summary of the tips are:

  • Reply to tweets.
  • Post at least 2 tweets per day.
  • Use 1-2 appropriate hashtags
  • Use a social media service, like Buffer (surprise.. but they are actually really awesome), to turbo-charge your posts.
  • Mix it up.

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Annie has at least had the good taste to delete her tweet, but click on the image to see her defending it

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Whilst this women doesn't specifically ask for it, the whole 'she deserved it' is pretty lame.

and I just saw this on the interwebz, I thought I’d share it in closing….