Assassin’s Creed 3 Official Cinematic Trailer from E3 2012

“I was interested in the upcoming Assassin’s Creed 3 game set in American Civil War era – but this trailer has sealed it. I am now playing AC 2 and Brotherhood to get myself up to date” – Ben

Star Trek 2 Teaser Trailer

“I am reasonably well versed in Star Trek cannon (as well as Star Wars) – I’m not certain about this, but from this teaser trailer, I’m going to guess that Star Trek 2 is going to revolve around the Eugenics Wars – when humanity experimented with genetic modification of humans which lead to massive war” – Ben

Prototype 2 Trailer

“I was walking through the ‘mall’ yesterday and saw ad’s for Prototype 2 being released on the 24th April and was pretty excited. I’m loving how game trailers are almost as good as movie trailers nowadays. I have been interested in this sequel ever since I saw the new “Prey Vision” clip” – Ben

Total Recall (Remake) Trailer

“This movie looks AWESOME! From hearing the terms ‘remake’ and ‘total recall’ all I could picture was a lame-ass movie with the potential for a three-boobed alien, but this looks like a major action flick with some big name actors/actresses. I wanna see this!” – Ben

Assassin’s Creed 3 “Debut” Trailer

“This is for Wongy, Smeet, Mikey… anyone that likes the AC series. Interesting that it is set during the American Revolution – and if you notice he is able to climb trees which looks pretty cool” – Ben