The Most Useless Thing I’ve Heard on an Airplane

“I was trying to describe this to my family on our last flight together, I doubt I did it justice” – Ben

"Oh Gee that's my favourite altitude!"

Considering how cheap modern airlines are getting you should be impressed.

This is a magical experience.

Source: The Oatmeal Comic

What we all SHOULD have been taught in our final year of Highschool

“I love The Oatmeal comics. They are awesome – and hence why they are featured on my blog. I have only picked 3 ‘subjects’ they featured on their original post, so please click on the links and view the rest of this comic” – Ben


“I love their summary of the American ‘Imperial’ Units. Gerbil penises for an inch, lol.” – Ben


“I always have issues when it comes time to split the bill, not because I have issues splitting it simply, but when people do this weird ass other ‘factors’ that reduce their cuts” – Ben

Sex Ed

“Whilst I liked the concept of this at first, I think getting links to the porn my teacher liked would be really creepy… and the WoW joke is a little bit obvious… but works” – Ben

Source: The Oatmeal Comic