Happy New Year! 2013

“Sorry for the slight delay in posting this, but I’ve been pretty busy and I had to go back to work today” – Ben


Amazing photo taken by my fiancé (more about that next)

Check out my video of the Sydney New Years 2013 fireworks finale;

“So in keeping with last years post, I’ll discuss my resolutions” – Ben

New Years Resolutions for 2012:

  1. Lose weight – Success! I managed to lose 18kg, and reach my first personal weight loss goal of being under 100kg.
  2. Catch up with old friends – Semi-Success, I’m still pretty shocking at keeping in touch with old friends; but I did manage to see quite a few people in 2012.
  3. Find some direction with my life – Failure, I found a job though I’m not certain it will be my career. I am still keen to find something awesome.
  4. Do some photography / art – Success. I completed the 365 project for 2012 (though I missed a few days).
  5. Learn a new life skill – Neutral, I kinda learnt a new language. I studied Korean throughout 2012, and while I feel like I only know 5%, I’m still happy I can read and say a few basic phrases. I want to learn more.

Bonus 2012 events:

  1. Engaged – I got engaged to my beautiful girlfriend whilst we were in Korea visiting her family. Very excited/Happy!
  2. Blog reached 1 Million views! – Still very excited about finally having that view count click over to a million; thanks everyone!
  3. Getting to be a part of one of my best friends weddings – I was really honoured and touched to be asked to be the MC at Wongsters wedding. I loved being part of it, though I was very nervous because I didn’t want to ruin their big day.

New Years Resolutions for 2013:

  1. Lose MORE weight – Now that I’ve reached my first goal (getting under 100kg), I want to reach 90kg – which I think will be a healthy weight for me. From there I can think about doing another few/5.
  2. Prepare & Plan for the wedding – This will probably be a 2013-2014 goal, but from now on I will be seriously focusing on this (obviously!)
  3. Get control of my finances – I have a few things I need to work on, and one of them is being less casual with my spending. 2012 wasn’t a good year for me money-wise, and I’m going to fix that in 2013.
  4. Do 365 Project for 2013 – Due to popular demand I will be doing the 365 project for 2013. Get excited! (you can follow me on instagram: @benjamin_lewis)
  5. Improve my Korean – So I’ve done the basics, I’ve been to Korea… now I need to practise so I can actually participate in conversations and not sit there like a goon.

What did I do for New Years Eve (2012/2013)?

  • I was fortunate this year to have access to one of the best views in Sydney – though I was very limited in the number of people I could invite.
  • I planned a very chilled NYE party which included a bathtub full of drinks:


  • I also managed to avoid the crazy amount of people in the public areas;

The chaos that was McMahon’s Point

  • My photo #365 was a pretty cool selection of the 9pm Fireworks in Sydney;

#365 – 9pm Fireworks

  • …and my sister’s photo was pretty cool too:


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  4. Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake – History of Rap (Parts 1, 2 and 3)
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Welcome 2012!

“Happy New Years everyone!” – Ben

2012, the year the world will end… unlikely. Even though right now I’m on a tropical paradise in Fiji I’m going to go over my 2011 resolutions from Jan 1st 2011.

New Years Resolutions for 2011:

  1. Lose weight – SUCCESS < I have been exercising, running and losing weight since July 2011.
  2. Catch up with old friends – SUCCESS < I have worked hard on making sure I’m keeping in touch with my friends and making new ones.
  3. Find some direction with my life – SUCCESS < I have decided that I really want to do medicine and have been studying hard for the GAMSAT exam in 2012.
  4. Do some photography / art – FAILURE < Whilst I love being creative, I have failed at actually forcing myself to do artistic pursuits. The best I’ve done is use instagram on twitter a bit.
  5. Learn a new life skill – SUCCESS < I have started updating my Lifesaving awards and very very very slowly learning Korean.

New Years Resolutions for 2012:

  1. Continue to lose weight – I’ve started on a path of weight loss and need to make sure I keep it up.
  2. Study like a demon for GAMSAT.
  3. Get into Medicine – how is that for a target… bam!
  4. Travel domestically and internationally with my gf – I hope to travel to Somoa and Korea in the near future, I also would like to visit Melbourne, Tasmania and some other places within Aus.
  5. Learn a basic level of Korean – Learning a language, not easy, but possible.
  6. Be more organised – Stop double/triple/quadruple booking events.

Beautiful Photo of Sydney Harbour Bridge

“I love the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I drive across it daily. I have wanted to take an awesome photo of what the view is whilst driving over it… but that is difficult and dangerous. I was fortunate that my gf took this photo… and then made it look amazing. I’m jealous that it’s not mine” – Ben