Infographic – Star Wars Technology vs. Star Trek Technology

“As a massive nerd I love Star Wars… and also know quite a bit about Star Trek. This infographic does a good job of summing up a pro-Star Wars view, but I have to say that there is some pretty epic ‘non-weapon’ tech in Star Trek: Transporters, Food Replicators, etc” – Ben

Source: Nerd Approved

All 5 Star Trek Captains together

“Yeah I’m a hopeless nerd, I also watch Star Trek. From left to right: Captain Kirk (The Original Series), Captain Picard (The Next Generation), Captain Sisko (Deep Space Nine), Captain Janeway (Voyager) and Captain Archer (Enterprise). Of all of them, I think Picard and Janeway are my favourites – Archer was too ‘moody’ for my liking.” – Ben

Star Trek Cameos

“I knew a lot of celebrities did cameos for Star Trek, I just wasn’t aware of all of these. I’m sure there are more that haven’t been credited” – Ben

Darmok Nerdy Comic

“Ok, this is a very very nerdy comic. It is referencing Star Trek: The Next Generation episode where Captain Picard has to decypher an alien language that doesn’t use standard language types… but rather uses references to stories. I have provided the relevant YouTube clip (so you can all enjoy the nerdy context)” – Ben