All about Avatar

“Here is my review of Avatar… I waited this long to collect lots of awesome references” – Ben

Ben’s Review of Avatar

Ok all joking aside it was a pretty cool movie. I know it hasn’t got an original plot, but its a good movie nonetheless.

I mean its pretty obivous they ripped off Pocahontas.

I have to see it again to get a proper understanding of it, as I was half drunk when I first saw it. Let me tell you something, 3D and alcohol aren’t a great mix.

This is actually a movie I would see a few times so I could take it all in.

The 3D: I think the 3D was done well, it was subtle, but effective. That being said I would immediately like to attack everyone that is super hyped about 3D being the next big thing. I am not excited about having to wear glasses to watch TV.

The sad sad fans: There are apparently people lame enough to have gone into depression over realising the fact that Pandora is fictional and will never exist. Think I’m kidding? Here is the thread dedicated to helping those people cope.

Bonus Feature on DVD – Avatar Sex: Apparently on the DVD version there will be a sex scene included. So if you’ve been wanting to see giant blue cats mate, this is your chance.

This blog analyses the movie much better: I’m actually gonna stop my post here, because I just found another blog that goes through Avatar MUCH BETTER!!!

Avatar-related web humour:

Pew, Pew, Pew reference Win!

Yes....yes I was

Blue Cats

Oh ... you sad sad man (he probably also owns the next image).

The sad thing is... these probably exist

Use your ponytail for sync'ing

I wasn't the only person glad Avatar didn't win "Best Picture"

Very clever comic depicting the whole "Best Picture"

Clever take on Avatar & Smurfs

and if you are still reading this far… you might wanna check out Holy Taco’s Drunken Argument For/Against Avatar for Best Picture… very entertaining.