Guy pranks his younger brother by turning his entire room into a girls room

“The background of the video is this; this guy’s younger brother jumped onto his facebook and changes it around (aka ‘being frapped’ / facebook-raped). Does his older brother yell and scream? no, he sits back and thinks of a way to punish him. The devil is in the details” – Ben

News Anchor gets Pranked

“Thanks for Mikey for sharing this with me. This is a classic prank, citing Anchorman and Ron Burgundy’s ‘blind reading of whatever is on the teleprompter’. A great prank which he takes with a good laugh.. unlike this douche” – Ben

Pranks to make your day better

“I enjoy a well thought out prank. Sometimes I wish I worked in an office with a good sense of humour and cubicles.” – Ben

Foiled again!

the dedication to this prank deserves respect, I just hope they were all half filled with water.

Similar... awesome.

for all the clean-freaks out there... imagine this.

Source: The Chive

Awesome Office Pranks

“I think the foil one is my favourite” – Ben

Disposable cups filled with liquid

Foiled again!

Red Balloons

Dr. Pepper Fan?


Alfalfa in the keyboard

Coloured Post-it's

Packaging material

Classic Post-it's