Beautiful Photo of Sydney Harbour Bridge

“I love the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I drive across it daily. I have wanted to take an awesome photo of what the view is whilst driving over it… but that is difficult and dangerous. I was fortunate that my gf took this photo… and then made it look amazing. I’m jealous that it’s not mine” – Ben

Awesome Instagram photos of Sydney Harbour

“I came across these photos on Instagram taken by @maestroj. I used Inkstagram to view them on my laptop and share with you all” – Ben

Just an awesome shot of the whole city

A glimpse of the Bridge, facing North Sydney

Source: @maestroj

How To: Tell if you have the right to take photographs in Australia

“I find the concept of what you CAN and CANNOT photograph in Australia interesting. A lot of people have a misconception that you are not allowed to take a photograph of someone without their permission. This is not true (in general terms). Read my summary below, and visit the website I sourced this from for heaps of detail” – Ben


[please note, I cannot vouch for this legal information to be 100% accurate, if in doubt I would contact a lawyer etc to work out any legal matters you might be having]

Summary of Photography Law in NSW;

  • You are allowed to take photos of anyone* you want in public places (*see Illegal Photography summary).
    • In Australia, you do not need to have someone’s consent to take a photo of them.
  • There is no “Bill of Rights” in Australia, so you have no official “Right to privacy” (like in USA)
  • There is no official “Freedom of Speech”, but there is an amplied freedom of speech due to certain court rulings on similar matters.
  • There are certain areas that are illegal; Anti-Voyeurism, Defamation and Obscenity laws.
  • People do not have the right to ever assault you, harass you or take away your photos (unless there are military/police/security concerns etc)
  • Train stations – you are allowed to take photos on trains, but remember as long as you aren’t being a nuisance you should be ok.

Summary of Illegal Photography;

  • Anti-Voyeurism Laws;
    • Basically it is illegal to photograph anyone with the intent of; “provide sexual arousal or gratification” (so that includes all you creeps).
    • Typically photos of people’s “private parts”
    • Any photos taken where there is “reasonable expect to be afforded privacy” (bathrooms, toilets, changing rooms etc)
    • Zoomed images of a persons private parts (think upskirting/down-blousing).
  • Private Land;
    • When you walk onto someone’s private land you enter into a common law agreement with them.
      • You are allowed to take photographs from ‘outside’ their property however.
    • They are allowed to prohibit photography if they ask you to (then it becomes illegal for you to take photographs)
      • But, any photos you take up until that point are allowed (within reason)
      • This is where photography in grocery stores, malls etc becomes an issue.
  • Assaulting Photographers;
    • Private land owners have the right to to use “reasonable force” to evict you from their property.
    • At no point can you; threaten violence against (assault), detain you at length (false imprisonment) or force you to delete your digital files (coercion);
      • Note: if you are in a restricted area, or taking photos of anything with security/military protection; those authorities have the right to delete your content.
  • Assault by Police;
    • Whilst you don’t have a right to be assaulted by the police, remember to always be mindful of them.
    • Most police officers don’t mind having their photo taken (if asked nicely).
    • Police officers have broad powers to arrest people and you could find yourself at the business end of a “resist/hinder a police officers duties” or “suspect on reasonable grounds of committing an offence“. Just remember to use common sense when snapping photos.

Source: “NSW Photo Rights”

Awesome Norway Photo

“I love this photo, and the photographer. I miss being in Norway, It was awesome” – Ben

Click for full size

Source:  dA: LonelyWolf2

“I have not asked for permission to use this image, as I am not the one hosting the image file, I simply reblog awesome stuff I find on the net, and I give credit and link sources back to their owners where possible. I’m a fan of your work, so please don’t crack the shits about it. I don’t generate any income from this blog… it is simply promotion of cool stuff.”

(I don’t mean to rant, but sometimes I dislike it when people demand you take down their content without sitting back and thinking about why its being put on a site).

Comic: Awesome camera…now how do I use it?

“I like photography, and have toyed with the concept of buying a DSLR. I have borrowed my dad’s one and haven’t really used it much. So I guess this comic is apt for me” – Ben

DSLR = Digital Single Lens Reflex.

Source: Toothpaste For Dinner comic