X-Men First Class Clips

“I’m looking forward to this movie, and here is a small collection of the preview clips” – Ben

Beast – Character preview

Mystique – Character preview

Xavier meets Mystique clip:

Havok – Character preview

Banshee – Character preview

The “Magic Trick” clip:

Movies I want to see (Winter 2011)

“There are a handful of cool looking movies coming out soon, so I thought I’d gather the ones I’m interested in and put their trailers here” – Ben

Thor (out: 21st April)

Paul (out: now)

Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides (Out: 19th May)

The Hangover, Part 2 (Out: 26th May)

X-Men: First Class (Out: 2nd June)

Green Lantern (Out: 16th June)

Transformers 4: The Darkside of the Moon (Out: 30th June)

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, Part 2 (Out: 14th July)

PogoMix’s awesome movie remix’s – Must Watch!

“Ok, this guy remixes movies and makes them into songs. I have picked a few awesome ones here, but I’ll give you the link to the rest of his stuff” – Ben

Bangarang (The Hook Remix)

Upular (The Up Remix)

Alice (The Alice in Wonderland Remix)

Link to his YouTube account.