What is Kony 2012 ?

“So your starting to notice the Kony 2012 stuff floating around the internet, facebook, twitter and news and want to know what it is? I’ll try and explain it and promote this cause on my blog.” – Ben

The Quick Facts:

  • There is a viral video going around the internet at the moment promoting awareness of an evil Ugandan warlord named Joseph Kony.
  • He kidnaps children, forces them to become child soldiers or sex slaves and does unspeakable things to his fellow countrymen.
  • Kony 2012 is about bringing awareness of his crimes so that everyone knows about this issue.

The issue is raised in a 27 minute video (provided below). I know what you are thinking… 27 minutes is actually a long time to watch something, but I would highly recommend taking the time to do so;

I was initially reluctant to get on board with this because I am naturally wary of anything viral. I have since sat down and watched the entire video and felt compelled to share it with you on my blog. I know I don’t typically post political messages, but this is an interesting test of social media.

Reblog or just spread the word

If someone asks you “What is Kony 2012?” you can explain it, you can share the video with them, you can even give them this post if you want.

On the flip side there have been some serious questions raised about the organisation behind this – Invisible Children. The main concerns are:

  • Only 32% of the donations have been used in direct services, the majority of the rest going to transport, film making, and staff salaries.
  • Charity Navigator has given them a 2/4 rating – due to the fact that they will not allow¬†independent¬†auditors look at their finances.
  • Kony hasn’t been active in Uganda since 2006.
  • That the removal of Kony will not guantee safety for the children. Problems inherent with poverty will still exist in those regions.

I’m not sure where to stand on this issue, but I thought I’d post about it on my blog for you to look at and consider.