Dark Knight – Hospital Explosions

“I couldn’t think of anything really awesome to post on my birthday, so here is something I really found interesting” – Ben

Dark Knight Hospital Explosion Scene

So apparently, the main explosion during this scene was delayed by a few seconds without Heath Ledger knowing about it. So everything that Heath does in that scene is just him going along with it. Amazing.

Zooey Deschanel would make an awesome Harley Quinn

“Ok, if there was a Harley Quinn in the next Batman movie… I agree she’d be perfect. The only problem is, that I suspect they will avoid all Joker related content in the new movie. This is sad because she would be a great character.” – Ben

Super Emo Friends

“Very cute and clever” – Ben

I like Harley Quinn's "He'll never love me".

Source: Design You Trust.

But you were the Joker right?

“This is one of the best photos of Jack Nicholson I’ve ever seen. I cannot get over how awesome this photo is… the fact that they’ve got the perfect moment of his facial expression of: are you fucking serious?” – Ben

"Hey Joker! can I have your autograph?!"

Source: AcidPic Dump