Great iPhone games to play on the toilet

“This is a guest post by Toby (@tosbourn). Toby is a developer based in London, when not pooping and playing games he can be found on Twitter @tosbourn and on his blog,

Everybody poops! And unless you want to spend your pooping time reading the back of a shampoo bottle you will have had the good foresight to have taken your phone with you.

The problem with smartphones these days is that they rely so heavily on having the internet, which is way a quick twitter break isn’t always on the cards.

I thought I would write up my list of great iPhone games I have enjoyed playing on the loo before!

In order to make the list the games have to be;

  • Fun!
  • Playable in short bursts
  • Don’t need an internet connection for the majority of the gameplay.

With that in mind I have come up with six great games! I hope you enjoy and let us know in the comments if you have anything you would like to add.




A great but incredibly annoying game, you are a wood chopper who cuts down one humongous tree. The gameplay is simple, press the left or right of the screen to cut down the tree whilst avoiding branches.

This is harder than it looks! Be warned you might want to flush your phone after a few failed attempts! (free)




Atoms is a novel and fun game, you can play it online against friends or as I prefer to, against the computer at various difficulty settings.

You place atoms on a grid, once enough atoms occupy a square they explode, potentially starting off chain reactions.

A game can swing at the very last minute and is great for a quick break. (free)


Jump Car


Jump car’s premise is an incredibly simplistic one, you are a car and you need to jump up levels and avoid the other cars. It is one of those games that is easy to learn but almost impossible to master.

You will find yourself saying “just one more go” about 20 times before you actually call it a day. (free)


Bitcoin Billionaire


Bitcoin Billionaire is one of those games that shouldn’t be a game, there is basically no mechanic to it other than clicking, but boy is it addictive! The premise is that you are a bitcoin miner who uses the coins they have mined to make investments and buy things to allow you to make even more bitcoins.

It is perfect as a loo game because it is just so non-committal, I promise you though, you will find yourself spending way more time that you thought you would playing it. (free)

Crossy Road



I have only recently started playing Crossy Road, think of it as a 3D Frogger. The controls are simple and the gameplay is immersive enough for short games.

There is a vast amount of characters to unlock, but it isn’t about the characters, it is about the short bursts of fun trying to make it across roads, railways and rivers! (free)


Goblin Sword


This 2D platformer is one of the best I have played on the iPhone. You go around worlds collecting gems and power ups, beating the level and unlocking boss fights and various other levels.

The graphics have a nice retro feel to them and the levels are small enough that you can fire through one during your comfort break! ($1.99)


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