A selection of good Halloween costumes (2013)





Multi-season Walter White

PogoMix’s awesome movie remix’s – Must Watch!

“Ok, this guy remixes movies and makes them into songs. I have picked a few awesome ones here, but I’ll give you the link to the rest of his stuff” – Ben

Bangarang (The Hook Remix)

Upular (The Up Remix)

Alice (The Alice in Wonderland Remix)

Link to his YouTube account.

Don’t Trust Movie Critics

“I personally think that movie critics are full of crap. I put more stock in my friends recommendations for movies than some d-bag critic.” – Ben

This post was mostly sourced from the good people at Unreality, but I’ve picked the movies I liked and believe were given the worst deal.

Hook – critics gave it 20%

Hook... 8%, yea right. Did you know that Hook was played by Dustin Hoffman? I still think he is the best Hook ever!

The Mighty Ducks – Critics gave it 8%

The Mighty Ducks.... this was one of my all time favourite childhood movies.

Supertroopers – critics gave it 14%

Supertroopers, whilst not the best movie ever... is one of the funniest movies the year of its release

Man on Fire – Critics only gave it 30%

Man on Fire was a pretty good movie. I mean when was the last time you saw a Denzel Washington movie and it was bad?

Equilibrium – critics thought it only was 37%

Equilibrium. An great Sci Fi movie that I didn't discover until late last year.

so yea… morons.