Why Video Games are the most amazing art form

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Rollercoaster Tycoon – Mr. Bones Wild Ride

“Rollercoaster Tycoon, a great way to waste time playing a PC game… This person has taken it to the extreme. It’s a 4chan-esce format, all you need to know is the greenish text is the guy who designed the ride” – Ben



This gun controller uses a gyroscope for precision FPS gaming

“As someone that spends way too much time playing Call of Duty, I’m interested in this controller. The article says $150 is too steep for people to consider buying it – but they underestimate how much money gamers will fork out for superior tech. If this works as well as it says, it might add to my PS3 gadgetry” – Ben

 Quick overview:

  • Doesn’t require sensors, cameras and can double as a light gun.
  • Offers a 1:1 shooter experience
  • Plugs into a PS3, Xbox 360 or PC USB port.
  • Built in gyroscope does the motion tracking
  • Very simple to set up

Source: DVICE

The Sims – Irony

“I have to admit that I’ve recently started playing The Sims because it is one of the few modern ‘offline’ games I have that can be installed on my MacBook Pro (I’m also downloading TF2 via steam). I have since given up on it, but I was aware of the irony of forcing my Sim to learn how to Garden when I couldn’t even do it in real life” – Ben.