Game of Thrones Season 2 Trailer

“I cannot wait until April 1st when the second season is released! I love the HBO series and anything to do with Game of Thrones. I’ve read the books and would highly recommend them” – Ben

“This is a teaser trailer I can appreciate. It has glimpses of the new characters and effectively entices me to watch it” – Ben

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George RR Martin vs. JK Rowling

“I love both Harry Potter and “The Game of Thrones” (more accurately, the ‘Song of Fire and Ice’ series of books). This image appeared on Topless Robot along with the news of a spoiler chapter for the 6th book ‘The Winds of Winter’. I have burnt through all of the series and I’m awaiting this sixth book with great anticipation. I’m also looking forward to seeing the second TV Series which is suppose to be out April 2012.” – Ben

Link: ‘Winds of Winter SPOILER CHAPTER‘ Via. Topless Robot

“I hope that some of you take the time to click the links I sneak into posts… they will reveal either a shortcut to similar posts on the blog, a related image/joke or some other goodie.” – Ben