Fight Club and Society Comic

“I love Fight Club, I studied the ‘consumerism’ message for English and wrote up some pretty epic essays about it. Twas’ a good excuse to watch one of my favourite movies again and again” – Ben

Source: XKCD

Ben’s 1600×900 wallpapers

“I recently sat down and quickly made some of my wallpapers into 1600 x 900 versions for my laptop. I recently installed Windows 7 OS which can automatically change the wallpaper every 1/5/10 etc minutes, except it requires one specific image handling rule (stretch, center, tile etc). I forced them all to be 1600 x 900 so that they can all be set to Stretch and look fine. I hope you like them. They aren’t all my favourite wallpapers, just a small collection of the ones I had ready to share” – Ben