Merry Xmas!

“Look at me, able to manage to make a themed post for today! Merry xmas everyone! I hope you are doing something better than reading my blog, but if not… enjoy!” -Ben

“I was going to post 12 different posts for xmas, kinda like the 12 days of xmas song…but have opted to have one crazy ass post with all kinds of xmas stuff” – Ben

Dancing Santa

Home Alone is perhaps my favourite childhood xmas movie

and here are some related posts on Home Alone;

12 things you didn’t know about the Home Alone movie

some examples;

  • Buzz’s girlfriend is actually a boy dressed up as a girl, because the director thought it would be too mean to put an actual girl in that scene.
  • The Talkboy used in the second film was a non-functioning prop. But due to demand they created a product for kids (I had one).
  • John Candy improvised the whole “left my kids in a funeral home” story, from a real life experience!
  • read more here!

Xmas Gift Guides!

(ok I know this might be a little late now… but maybe next year?)

Lifehacker’s guide to Xmas Music

“I’ve been stressing about DJing an awesome Xmas mix for when I have to work (and DJ music) on both the 24th-25th Dec. I luckily realised
that Remixed Carols are much worse than normal ones, but I’ve kept some David Hasslehoff tracks in there.”

How to: eat healthy over the Hoilday season

“Ok, this was something interesting to read because I have problems with loving food too much. Xmas and hoildays seem to be one of [thousands] of problems I have with weight loss. Thought this was an interesting read”

XMAS Photo Time!

“Enjoy my mixture of epic xmas lights, xmas womenz and the odd xmas image” – Ben

Xmas Lights - Ditto (love it!)

Probably the most Xmas Lights in this collection.

Nicole Graves

Guns for xmas!

Not really an xmas pic...but there is snow... shh...

Merry Treksmas!

And of course, something highly inappropriate to finish off this Xmas post. MERRY XMAS EVERYONE!!

(p.s I’d like to say a big screw you to the iPhone WordPress app that screwed up this entire post and made me re-do it)