Being #1 on Google for “Awesome Boobs”

So the other day I found out something interesting… apparently this blog is listed as the #1 site on Google if you search the term “Awesome Boobs”. Check it out;

1 - Google

Google “Awesome Boobs” and look at the first result.

Let’s tweet that!

I naturally found this highly entertaining and began Tweeting about it on the blog’s official twitter account @C_O_Awesome and my “public / author twitter” account @Insanity540;

2 - Twitter

…and did you know we had a twitter account?!

3 - Insanity540

I occasionally post stuff to this twitter account too… but this is also my public twitter presence so I can join in on public topics etc etc…. and talk to strangers.

So wait… how did you even learn this?!

So I guess I should probably explain how I even noticed this. Every so often I check on the blogs status to see how many views I get a day (roughly 1,500 to 2,000). I’ve noticed that where it lists “search terms” (below) these are often very similar themed terms… they all seem to be focusing on the same thing…

4 - Quick View

Similar Search terms

Ok… that seems pretty specific…. let’s look closer into that…

5 - Search Terms

wait, what are unknown search terms?!

Unknown Search Terms – Google’s encrypted search terms

So one thing to note in the above snapshot of the search terms is that whilst “awesome boob” related searches were the top item (roughly 18 searches), the total unknown search terms was 544. Those unknown items are evidence of Google’s work on protecting users privacy and masking exactly what you are searching for.

So… you post a lot of boob stuff?

No, not really. I tag the posts pretty well and I’m pretty accurate with what I list them under. Below you can see I wanted to figure out how many posts I’ve done that are “boob-related”. A quick search shows 62 posts (and we’ll laugh and ignore the tag ‘boobs that shoot acid‘).

7 - Boob Tag

perhaps I’m overly specific with my tagging… I mean what the hell are cream boobs?

So… if you do the math… if 62 posts have boobs out of the 3,370 posts that are on the blog… that means that it only makes up 1.8% of all the posts…

After thoughts … Sex Sells.

I’ve known for a while that Sex Sells (I mean just look at the most popular blog post list) and that content from the Hot Women section is highly viewed … I just never imagined it would actually result in something like this. A while ago I made a decision to dial back posting the Hot Women content for the sake of my female readers (and my missus), but now I feel an odd sense of obligation to not ignore this form of content. Trust me, I will not be going over board with this… but I am going to experiment and see what happens with views etc.

8 - CelebrateSo if you’ve read this far… and follow what I tweeted above…. here is a reward.

15 “Awesome Boob” Photos to celebrate this unique Internet title:


..Now that we’ve got that out of the way… we’ll return to our normal posts…

– Insanity540

Alison Brie needs to show more cleavage (gif)

“This must be a ‘behind the scenes’ shot from Community, because it definitely looks like she is being told (by a director or someone else) to pull her top down a bit more” – Ben

“I wonder if I tagged her on twitter if she could official verify this for me?” – Ben

Busty Girl Problems

“Just came across these series of cartoons promoting the problematic situations busty women have. I’ll pick the ones I like best and you can check out the rest via the source link.” – Ben

I think this applies to bumpy roads too

I reckon you'd end up doing image #2 because #1 just looks uncomfortable/strange.

PJs and Stairs are hazardous for everyone I think

Sorry, this is always amusing whenever it happens.

This just reminds me of a hilarious story I know. LOL

Guy vs. Girl opinion.

Source: Busty Girl Comics