The 10 most popular posts of 2013

It’s the 31st of December here in Australia… which means that 2013 is just about over. Here is a countdown of the top ten most popular posts from the year.


10. 21 Jump Street – Fuck you science (gif)

The reboot of this classic film was great. Of all the scenes, the ‘effects of drug use’ where they are over-confident results in Channing Tatum’s character ranting science knowledge. This awesome pair of gifs (check out the link for the whole thing) scored 3,989 views.

9. Katy Perry Elmo Shirt (gif)

Katy Perry bouncing up and down, do I need to explain it further? Seems like 4,093 people checked this out.

8. Fuck yo couch! gif

Dave Chappelle as Rick James is just one of the best pieces of skit comedy there is. This little gem of a gif got 4,951 views.

7. Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake – History of Rap (Parts 1, 2 and 3)

So this post is a little bit interesting. Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake did some pretty awesome live mashups of classic rap songs. Unfortunately, the overlords at NBC in their wisdom felt that removing the clips from YouTube for people to enjoy was the way to go. I then proceeded to link only the audio versions of the files which was then viewed just shy of six thousand times with 5,991 views. Perhaps the big media companies don’t like the idea of thousands of people discovering and enjoying their content??

6. Zahia Dehar’s Ass Shake Gif

I don’t know what Zahia Dehar is selling in this video… butt it caught the eye of 6,383 people. (see what I did there?). It probably helped that someone linked it in a reddit comment.

5. Cinnamon Challenge Gifs

I was amused by the concept of people doing the ‘Cinnamon Challenge’ and this post was linked to in a Buzzfeed post which drove 6,705 visitors.

4. Pocahontas – Look at all the fucks I give (gif)

I personally love the ‘fucks I give’ meme, and this one is just really great. It seems like 6,799 other people also liked it.

3. Boba Fett doesn’t give a fuck (gif)

It wouldn’t be my blog without something Star Wars. I’m glad that this is popular and 8,439 people have liked it.

2. Random Hot Asian Women, Part 2

Even though I don’t actively post stuff into the ‘Hot Women’ category anymore, it seems that the old saying of “sex sells” is still true. It’s always really entertaining to see which search words/terms lead people to the blog. 8,685 people checked it out.


1. Doodle God Walkthrough / Guide

As always, the undefeated most popular post on the blog is actually something I would never expect to be insanely popular. I created the ‘Doodle God’ walkthrough / guide because I got frustrated whilst playing the iOS game and wanted to know what combinations I was missing. Turns out that a massive 31,840 people viewed this in 2013.



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