Freestyle Bane & Bane Outtakes

“Warning, this is awesome. This is a segment from the very well done ‘Bane Outtakes video’ (listed below).” – Ben

“DJ. Drop a beat.

Thats right – Gotham… on your feet.

To the lyrical thrill of Baaane.

Im Bane, yees, thats my name. You hear the name Bane I guarantee you the pain. Im comin after you Bruce Wayne. Im stronger, smarter, clinically insaane.

Im Bane, thats my name. Bruce Wayne and the Batman are totally the same.

I broke his back with a comeback smack, then I cracked my ’28 Krug Champagne.

Who likes Hip Hop?

I heard Gotham City was alright …

I BANE yes its a shame, I declare martial law and you all complain. I laugh when you ask why I wear the mask … I’ll explain…

Its because Im BANE, yes thats my name, you say it too much and it becomes inane, of course some think my plan lacks game, you say to my face Ill crash your plane.

When I say “No” you say “Survivors”



When I say “No” you say “Survivors”


Who said that?

Stop the music…

Kill them all…”

….watch the longer version, it’s really good;