DNA Portraits

“I really REALLY want one of these! The medical scientist in me is screaming GET ONE! Unfortunately they cost a bit of money” – Ben

Blue is kinda cool

You can have a side-by-side for couples

Mini - I love the colour scheme of this one

They also do other products too - This is a fingerprint artwork

Source: DNA11

How To: Tell if you have the right to take photographs in Australia

“I find the concept of what you CAN and CANNOT photograph in Australia interesting. A lot of people have a misconception that you are not allowed to take a photograph of someone without their permission. This is not true (in general terms). Read my summary below, and visit the website I sourced this from for heaps of detail” – Ben


[please note, I cannot vouch for this legal information to be 100% accurate, if in doubt I would contact a lawyer etc to work out any legal matters you might be having]

Summary of Photography Law in NSW;

  • You are allowed to take photos of anyone* you want in public places (*see Illegal Photography summary).
    • In Australia, you do not need to have someone’s consent to take a photo of them.
  • There is no “Bill of Rights” in Australia, so you have no official “Right to privacy” (like in USA)
  • There is no official “Freedom of Speech”, but there is an amplied freedom of speech due to certain court rulings on similar matters.
  • There are certain areas that are illegal; Anti-Voyeurism, Defamation and Obscenity laws.
  • People do not have the right to ever assault you, harass you or take away your photos (unless there are military/police/security concerns etc)
  • Train stations – you are allowed to take photos on trains, but remember as long as you aren’t being a nuisance you should be ok.

Summary of Illegal Photography;

  • Anti-Voyeurism Laws;
    • Basically it is illegal to photograph anyone with the intent of; “provide sexual arousal or gratification” (so that includes all you creeps).
    • Typically photos of people’s “private parts”
    • Any photos taken where there is “reasonable expect to be afforded privacy” (bathrooms, toilets, changing rooms etc)
    • Zoomed images of a persons private parts (think upskirting/down-blousing).
  • Private Land;
    • When you walk onto someone’s private land you enter into a common law agreement with them.
      • You are allowed to take photographs from ‘outside’ their property however.
    • They are allowed to prohibit photography if they ask you to (then it becomes illegal for you to take photographs)
      • But, any photos you take up until that point are allowed (within reason)
      • This is where photography in grocery stores, malls etc becomes an issue.
  • Assaulting Photographers;
    • Private land owners have the right to to use “reasonable force” to evict you from their property.
    • At no point can you; threaten violence against (assault), detain you at length (false imprisonment) or force you to delete your digital files (coercion);
      • Note: if you are in a restricted area, or taking photos of anything with security/military protection; those authorities have the right to delete your content.
  • Assault by Police;
    • Whilst you don’t have a right to be assaulted by the police, remember to always be mindful of them.
    • Most police officers don’t mind having their photo taken (if asked nicely).
    • Police officers have broad powers to arrest people and you could find yourself at the business end of a “resist/hinder a police officers duties” or “suspect on reasonable grounds of committing an offence“. Just remember to use common sense when snapping photos.

Source: 4020.net “NSW Photo Rights”

Twit Pics from Space!

“This is pretty cool, one of the Astronauts in the International Space Station likes to take photos and upload them to his TwitPic Account. Here is a selection of some of the cool ones” – Ben


The Great Barrier Reef



10 Awesome Laptop Skins

“I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a laptop skin for my Vaio. Whilst it is very sleek and nice, I like the idea of personalising it. I found a cool website that has a good range and I’ve picked the ones I’ve liked the best” – Ben

My selections from Infectious.com;

The Great Wave (my favourite artwork)



Gelaskins also has a nice range;


Royal Flush


Gummi Anatomie

There are also a bunch at SkinIt I liked;


Marvin the Martian


Urban Camo

Ace of Clubs

Awesome Norway Photo

“I love this photo, and the photographer. I miss being in Norway, It was awesome” – Ben

Click for full size

Source:  dA: LonelyWolf2

“I have not asked for permission to use this image, as I am not the one hosting the image file, I simply reblog awesome stuff I find on the net, and I give credit and link sources back to their owners where possible. I’m a fan of your work, so please don’t crack the shits about it. I don’t generate any income from this blog… it is simply promotion of cool stuff.”

(I don’t mean to rant, but sometimes I dislike it when people demand you take down their content without sitting back and thinking about why its being put on a site).

Comic: Awesome camera…now how do I use it?

“I like photography, and have toyed with the concept of buying a DSLR. I have borrowed my dad’s one and haven’t really used it much. So I guess this comic is apt for me” – Ben

DSLR = Digital Single Lens Reflex.

Source: Toothpaste For Dinner comic