Most Expensive Starbucks Drink

“If someone gave you a gift card to Starbucks, what would you do? besides wonder why they gave you a gift card to Star Bucks when there are much cooler places like JB-Hifi or Best Buy (for my USA readers).” – Ben

Meet Logan Warren, a man with a simple aim – to waste his Starbucks Gift card creating the most unholy and expensive Starbucks drink possible. I’m happy to hear that a barista laughed and helped him create it.

The drink:

  • One Java Chip Frappuccino (Trenta Size / 31 ounce cup / 916mL for Aussies)
  • 16 Shots of Espresso – cuz double shots are for pussys
  • A shot of Soy Milk – to be healthy yo
  • Caramel Flavouring
  • Banana Puree
  • Strawberry Puree
  • Vanilla Beans
  • Matcha Powder – I don’t even know what this is
  • Protein Powder
  • Drizzle of Caramel & Mocha on top.
  • TOTAL PRICE = $23.60 
Some memorable quotes from Logan regarding the drink:

“The resulting beverage contains 1400mg of caffeine…If I drank it all at once, it would put me in hospital. Two of these would kill me” – Logan

“The Flavour? Tolerable, but not good. Imagine a coffee-based health food smoothie” – Logan

Source: Logan Warren’s Blog via. Geekologie