Johnny Englishman experiences a Korean Spa Body Scrub (bonus Conan segment)

Ok, one aspect of going to a Korean Spa is to experience a body scrub. From all accounts, this looks as good as it is painful. I’ve included an awesome Conan segment that is similar but hilarious as a bonus.

And Conan, with Steven Yeun;

Johnny Englishman Experiencing a Korean Spa for the first time

I am now really curious to give this a try, but since my Korean language skills are basically infant-level, I think walking around naked and having no way to communicate or ask questions would be problematic.

English people trying Korean Kimchi Fried Rice

Today I’m flying to Korea with my wife to visit her family and attend a friends wedding. To celebrate this trip I thought I’d share some amazing YouTube videos by Korean Englishman and start us off with this good video of various English people trying Kimchi Fried Rice (YUMMM!). This video has a small introduction to Johnny! who will be featured heavily in my next videos.