Terminator Salvation Review

Ok so here’s my view on the new terminator movie; it was good, but not great or amazing.


I’m assuming you’ve seen it, so everything I discuss won’t spoil the movie.


The thing that annoyed me the most about this movie was that it lacked anything really happening and only seemed to serve as a lame jumpoff point for another Christain Bale franchise. There were a lot of stupid moments in the film that didn’t make sense. The fact that terminators all of a sudden can’t aim (the mini-gun “primative” terminators sucked ass). Marcus syncs to Skynet, which in all honesty should have reverted him back to a skynet killing machine (with a whole fighting his primary programming segment to follow), or that same scene, but his total ease in disabling skynet systems without any problem. Or how about the fact there are only ever like 2-3 terminators at a particular location. They could have a legion of them wiping out cities….

I liked the “Marcus” cyborg character, I thought that was well done and was very true to the whole terminator series… not being sure whether to trust a machine that seems intent on helping them. I thought that the CGI effects were great, and the terminators themselves were imposing. Laughed when I saw the “Arnie” terminator appear in the final fight scene. I thought that was awesome, the “Arnie” terminator is almost unstoppable.

I was reading an excellent article about why the movie sucked compared to what it could have been. Apparently Christain Bale forced the whole John Connor role and the did massive script re-writes mid-production. Have a read, its long, but really interesting.
“What went wrong with Terminator: Salvation”


I also saw this awesome post comparing T2 and T3 for being very similar scenes/concepts
“Comparison of Terminator 2 and Terminator 3 in 92 small screen grabs”

The things that occur in all 3 movies (T2/T3/T4: Salvation) include:

  • Starts off naked and then takes clothes/assumes identity.
  • Hand to hand combat verses a human-looking terminator is generally stupid
  • Yet another person responsible for skynet/terminators
  • A terminator vs. Terminator scene will generally result in; the “hero” getting smashed then killed, then revived to win the fight.
  • A chase scene involving a truck and motorcycles
  • A terminator will hook onto a fleeing moving vehicle
  • A nuke will explode with a mushroom cloud

The main female “love interest” is played by Moon Bloodgood (click for some photos).

Hope you’ve enjoyed this. Please comment.

Sydney’s CityRail

Anyone that uses Sydney’s CityRail network knows it’s crap. Trains run late, get canceled, change stops, become delayed in the rain etc. You name it, it probably happens.

The problem is that the NSW state government hasn’t been developing infrastructure to match the population growth. The rail network has remained relatively unchanged in decades whilst the number of commuters has skyrocketed.

The problems are compounded with bad road traffic, increased tolls and mumors of closing down private traffic in the city CBD which only increase the users of public transport.

In a grab for money the ticket prices increase yearly, without significant improvement on the quality of the service. I would also like to question why the travel pass cost of going to the north shore skips a tier of pricing and is hence twice what a similar commute is from other areas of Sydney. Because I live in a “richer” part of Sydney I should have to pay more for my public transport?

I have a bittersweet feeling on the new CityRail penguin posters informing commuters to use common sense when catching the train. Half of me congratulates them on teaching what seems to be every idiot that standing in front of a newly arrived train is stupid, as no one can get off the train. I would publicly warn all morons that do this to avoid that 6’1 guy with a pissed look on his face, that’s probably me, and I will knock you out of the way and it will hurt you more than me. Moral: let people off the train, don’t try and rush on before everyone is off. Also telling people to move evenly along the platform to avoid congestion, this is good but is more a reflection of how overcrowded and crap our service is.

Peak hour trains should be arriving every 5 minutes. Please goto London and experience the Tube. While not the most pleasant train network, it runs on time.

I’m now going to be late for work. Thanks CityRail.

Ps I like how the new trains inform school kids to give up their seats for fare paying passengers. I used to do it, why can’t they do it now?