The worst movie of all time: The Room

“If you haven’t seen or heard of ‘The Room’, you should watch this YouTube review of it. It is pretty much regarded as one of the ‘worst movies of all time’. Keep watching it, it just keeps getting ‘better’.” – Ben

Star Wars Call Me Maybe

“…and just when you thought it was safe and all the ‘Call me Maybe‘ jokes were gone…you get this! My sister found this and showed me, awesome.” – Ben

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Infographic – Star Wars Technology vs. Star Trek Technology

“As a massive nerd I love Star Wars… and also know quite a bit about Star Trek. This infographic does a good job of summing up a pro-Star Wars view, but I have to say that there is some pretty epic ‘non-weapon’ tech in Star Trek: Transporters, Food Replicators, etc” – Ben

Source: Nerd Approved

Seth Green making an animated Star Wars Parody – Star Wars Detours

“He’s the mind behind the Robot Chicken Star Wars parodies – now he has Lucas’s approval to go ahead with his CGI animated show called ‘Star Wars Detours’. I’ve included the trailer / promo video here. The source has some additional scenes” – Ben

Source: Kotaku AU