How to: Improve your LinkedIn Profile

Check out this article by NerdWallet about LinkenIn profiles. My personal tip is to seek (and collect) recommendations for each of your roles (if people are ok with doing so!).

I’ll para-phrase the post into the 5 tips;

  1. Write an eye-catching, descriptive headline.
  2. Choose a professional, approachable headshot and background image.
  3. Use keywords in your ‘Summary’ section.
  4. Demonstrate transferable skills.
  5. Show measurable accomplishments.

Read the full article for the detail and explanation.

Source: 5 Keys to Building a Powerful LinkedIn Profile – NerdWallet.

How To: Set up Facebook Messenger on your Mac via it’s in built Messages App

“So last night I was using Facebook Messenger and thought ‘Man I really wish there was a stand alone app’ that could handle Facebook Messenger so I didn’t have to keep clicking back to my facebook tab to continue the conversations I was having with friends. I found this handly guide on where it outlines the process and I wanted to share it with people. (I am aware that you can use Adium, but I had issues with it and fb chat ages ago).” – @insanity540


Here are the step by step instructions:


1. Open the Messages app on the Mac if you haven’t done so yet

Mac Messages icon2. Pull down the “Messages” menu and choose “Add Account…”

Add an account to Messages for Facebook3. From the message account screen, choose “Other messages account…” and click on “Continue”

Add Facebook Chat to Mac Messages app4. Pull down the menu next to “Account Type” and select ‘Jabber’ from the list

5. In “Account Name” enter your Facebook account user name as follows: (a Facebook username is whatever your Facebook profile URL is, for example: ‘’ the username would be “your_name_here” and the account name would then be

6. Enter your Facebook account password in the password field, this is the same one you use to login to Facebook from the web or the apps

Add Facebook chat for Facebook messenger support in Mac OS X Messages app7. Ignore all other settings and choose “Create” – this will setup Facebook messaging client and in a moment you’ll see your Facebook Friends list populate as a buddy list, complete with friend names and friend profile pictures

Facebook Messenger friends buddy list in Messages app of OS X8. Message anyone in the list as usual, the conversations are going through Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger in Mac OS X Messages app

If you’re on a Mac, the ability to have Facebook Messenger conversations right in the Messages app of OS X is really quite nice, the conversations will appear alongside other text messages and iMessages, Google Chat, Yahoo Messenger, or AOL / AIM communications.

Once you have Facebook Messenger added to Messages, you will be automatically logged into Facebook Messenger when the Messages app opens. To log out of Facebook Messenger in Messages, simply pull down the “Messages” menu item and choose “Log out of” – similarly, you can log in that way as well.

You can access the Facebook Friends buddy list at any time from the “Windows” menu item in Messages app, where you can also set your status to be online or offline, or away.

Facebook Messenger friends list in Mac Messages app

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Checkout Adium as another option.