What is CollectionOfAwesome.com ? A place for us to share awesome stuff that’s on the web. The site was originally branded as ‘Benisawesome.net’, but then Ben decided that he would rather bring in some additional authors (and find a .com URL).

Why the change? This blog should be about the content, not about the author. In saying that, I would like to have some more authors to help generate new and interesting content.

Who are the Authors? We currently looking for more authors, but the current ranks are:

Insanity540 – Founder of the blog. Responsible for randomness, inappropriate posts and general operations of the blog.

Goldielocks2412 – Our only female author. If we start seeing posts that are better described as ‘Hot Men’ you now know why.

Bennowandthen – An avid reader turned author. Has an awesome name.

Taken670 – Meme master and collector of funny stuff.


Want to contribute? Great. contact us via the…. contact us page.

Please Comment!!!: We love to hear what you think about the stuff we post. Most comments will get a response.  The only exception to that are rude/inappropriate comments. Don’t forget there is an official Twitter account and Facebook Page which you can also follow and contact.

Legal disclaimer: any references to people, objects, images, content both living, dead and online is purely coincidental. This disclaimer works for all major movies so it’ll work for this blog. If there is something posted here that belongs to you, I will try my best to give you credit by creating a link to the source. If I can’t find the source link, I’ll gladly add it if you write a pleasant comment. If you are really angry about something I’ve posted, please comment on it and I’ll review it and/or remove it. I’m a reasonable person and all I’m doing is promoting awesome stuff on the net. Remember that this blog is for fun, it isn’t making any money or profit.

People that write harrassing comments: Don’t waste your time and mine. Every comment is moderated and I get quite a lot of background information whenever you submit a comment. If I don’t just delete the comment, I might just edit whatever you say based on how bored I am. It’s been known to happen.

This blog has a zero tolerance to trolls: all comments are moderated, please don’t waste your time or mine with crap.

Hey all your images at hotlinked!!!: yeah they are,  Sorry. I know its a douche thing to do, but currently the image uploading and posting for wordpress isn’t as quick and efficient as I need it to be. Unfortunately the entire basis of this blog relies on my ability to quickly draft up posts without taking too much time/effort. As always, if you want me to remove images/content, please just write a polite comment on the post.

…wait, what happened to the “Hot Women” content? I’ve decided to move away from posting hot women on the blog. Whilst I enjoyed a stint being the #1 google result for Awesome Boobs for a period of time – all good things come to an end. I have gotten rid of much of the content – but I’ve kept some of it on here for chuckles.

Remove this image! I’m happy to comply with most post removal requests if you are polite and explain why. Don’t be a jerk.

…And if I have offended you…


10 thoughts on “About/FAQ

  1. You have an interesting site with some clever content. I was wondering if you would be opposed if we plagiarized your site a bit? I am part of a site, Mizozo.com. We have a lot of contributors already, but I like your content. Our team could simply copy your content word for word, and always give a linkback to the original story. It will definitely help with your SEO, as well as give you some click throughs. Let me know either by replying or sending me an email.

    • Hey, glad you like it. Feel free to repost my stuff. FYI I hold no rights to any of my content, I hotlink it and source the original content.

      I would be glad for you to use my posts if you linked back to my blog. Thanks.

      • Great. If you would like to follow what is being plagiarized, you can visit your subdomain, bender.mizozo.com. Also, if you would like to be alerted to any comments on posts copied I will need an email. Feel free to simply send me an email from the email you would prefer I use, rather than post it here as a comment.

        Otherwise, if you ever have any questions or concerns, feel free to either write me directly, or post a comment on the site. Thanks again.

  2. Love your work Ben, been coming back periodically for years and now subscribe. Great to see some ‘cut through’ as you ‘drill down’ through the content to get to the ‘key sites’ on the web.
    Whew, gunning for friday!

    • Thanks Nick. I have been trying to streamline it a bit and make it a bit easier to find the stuff you are after. Let me know if there is anything in particular you enjoy and I’ll find it for you.

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