Why the Xbox One is scarey

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2 thoughts on “Why the Xbox One is scarey

  1. One of the reasons Microsoft is so compelled to position Xbox One as an all-in-one media solution is the hardware; it just doesn’t cut it compared to PlayStation 4, or especially a proper gaming PC. XB1 has very conservative internals, notably the exclusive use of DDR3 RAM for both random access and video rendering, a big no-no. Worse still, the system is always running three separate operating systems, one of which (the television OS) consumes 3 out of the total 8GBs of RAM, all the time, leaving less than 5GB for actual games. Also, the video solution engineered by AMD is apparently trailing the one featured in PS4.

    Sony is enjoying gambles that paid off, while Microsoft is assuaging ones that didn’t. Unless these “15-18 new IPs” are anything worthwhile, Microsoft has everything to lose this generation.

    • I’m really wary of Xbox ever since I got a PS3. The difference between the two systems is like night and day. The 360 just feels like it’s been designed for kids and the PS3 is a much better entertainment/gaming system. Yes it got hacked and the network was shut down, but in the end you have to pay for online access on Xbox Live. wtf.

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