What should I rename the blog?

“I have decided that I am going to rebrand the blog, read why below”

Why change the name?

I feel like it’s time for this blog to evolve into something more. I occasionally feel a bit stupid telling people what the URL is and yeah it’s a little bit cocky. I’m not certain about the fate of the blog in the future due to what Google has done.

Suggest a new name!

That’s the point of this post – I want a new / clever name and I’m open to suggestions. I was thinking along the lines of “The Chive” or something like that. I don’t want it to focus on the writers, but the content. I dunno. Who ever suggests the best thing will have the glory of picking the next name and usher in the next generation of this blog. I’ll think about designing a specific logo and motto etc afterwards.

What did Google do?

You haven’t heard about Google Reader being shut down? Well in short, they have screwed over a lot of users (including yours truly) who love and still actively use the service.

What does that have to do with the blog?

Well I gather all the stuff I want to post via Google Reader and RSS feeds. I have a great system of saving ‘potential content’ (over 9,000 items at last count – epic DBZ reference unintentional). I would go through, decide on the best stuff/stuff I liked and post it. Now Google are killing the service, the future of all that work is in question.

New writers / Authors…

One of my better ideas was to enslave recruit some new people to help me run the blog. If it is just me by myself; the blog may eventually shut down or not be updated daily. I don’t want that, but I am also finding it hard to devote the time to do it (doubly so if Google make my life hell).

I have some people in mind, and I’m contacting them about it – but please feel free to volunteer (just post a comment and I’ll get back to you).

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5 thoughts on “What should I rename the blog?

  1. “Ben’s Blog of Awesome,” though I do like the current name. Also, sucks about Google Reader. I’m guessing Feedly (and Twitter) will take up the added traffic.

    As for recommending content, I do run a blog of my own, but it’s tech-focused. I could always redirect articles that aren’t appropriate your way, instead.

    • That sucks. I haven’t pissed anyone off in real life … though my Misty Cosplay post generated a bit of discussion. I’m just after some people that can add to the awesomeness…

  2. I am a fellow Ben who has been following your blog for quite sometime now. You are an inspiration and hilarious icon to look up to. Many of my friends who I have turned onto this blog now read it even thinking parts of this is mine. I would be honored to be a writer on this blog. Would love to hear back from you and share my favorite collection of things on the web that I’m sure we both share interest in.

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