2 thoughts on “Apple Cables aren’t what they used to be

    • Indeed, I’ve also heard rumours that they are thinking of using the mag-lock cables that the MacBook Pro’s have.

      In a similar note – I bought a ‘Gecko’ brand cable from JB Hifi recently to replace my fraying Apple Cable and thought the ‘coiled design’ would be cool. Turns out the actual dock connector has a ‘known-weak affinity’ to some makes of the iPhone and mine kept coming out due to the natural tension of the coiled cable. I wrote an email to the company explaining my situation and how I couldn’t even manage to complete a sync with iTunes without it saying ‘disconnected’ – even when I was keeping the phone really close to the computer. They responded with a great email and I had a 3m long normal cable sent to me free.. which is totally awesome. Thanks to the PR guy – now I have this massively long iPhone cable. Woo.

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