3 thoughts on “The difference between men and women

  1. I’m stealing this. But as tribute I leave you this story. Totally unrelated to the pic, but there you are.
    A gent on another site got all hairy-chested with me a few weeks ago. His wife had posted a pic of herself taking a photo, giving the world a view of her derriere. I said ‘finally we see the rear view’ or something like that. Anyhow, Husband gives me a few stern words. ‘Over the line, dude (yes, he actually said that). I don’t appreciate your trash talk and neither does my wife.’
    I apologised, but I pointed out to him that my comment predated his rebuke by four months. ‘A long time to take to realise you’ve been offended.’
    Also, I noted, there was a thumbs up on my comment.’Click on it and you’ll see it was left by… your wife.’

    • All good mate, thanks for linking back to me :)

      As for the story – the thumbs up says it all, and you’d think a husband would be more concerned about his wife posting images online than the comments it receives.

      • I should point out that the lady was thoroughly and properly clothed in jeans and a shirt. About as un-naughty a pic as you could imagine! And still he goes into orbit…

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