Women that would let Chris Brown Beat them

“I don’t tolerate violence against women (unless it’s paintball). It’s shocking that there are a heap of girls that have actually tweeted that they’d let him hit them – Nice work ladies. Most of them since have been stating ‘It was just a joke’, but since when did violence against women become funny? Andy Levy summed the whole thing up the best though” – Ben

Click on the image to visit her actual tweet - yes these are real.

Annie has at least had the good taste to delete her tweet, but click on the image to see her defending it

KM removed her tweet, but click on the image to see her RT'ing a similar one.

The rest of these have decided to delete their twitter accounts

Just take a look at this and feel ashamed of yourselves…

oh and this one is fresh…

Whilst this women doesn't specifically ask for it, the whole 'she deserved it' is pretty lame.

and I just saw this on the interwebz, I thought I’d share it in closing….

One thought on “Women that would let Chris Brown Beat them

  1. I’m not part of the camp that believes domestic violence is entirely unforgivable, as Wil Wheaton claimed; recognizing that the act was wrong, atoning for it, and serving as an example for others to learn from (including becoming a spokesperson to raise awareness of the issue) are certainly steps towards redemption in my eyes. “Unforgivable” just seems too absolute.

    That said, Brown obviously fails on all three counts, and for that I have no sympathies.

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