IT Crowd – People, what a bunch of bastards

“I love The IT Crowd. Shame that they are cancelling it :( ” – Ben

2 thoughts on “IT Crowd – People, what a bunch of bastards

    • Hahaha. Yeah I love The IT Crowd. What’s really funny is that I actually had a real “have you tried turning it on and off again” moment yesterday when you posted this comment. I was helping a friend set up her iinet connection and for some reason we weren’t getting an active connection from iinet… everything else was set up fine. I called their support number, and whilst waiting on hold… I hit “factory reset” and re-entered all the details again… and just as the guy came onto the line to help me… I had everything working. I actually laughed and said “Dude, I’m having a serious IT Crowd moment here… just turned it on and off again and its fixed” he laughed, so random. Thanks for reading, you can check out my other IT Crowd posts here.

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