4 thoughts on “Demotivation – Enlightenment [removed]

  1. This picture is of a friend of mine, which was stolen from her photography business, without her knowledge or consent. Its really shitty that people can just steal other peoples work and manipulate it in such a way that it has nothing to do with what it originality meant, if this site has any decency it will remove this picture if not for anything else than the fact that its copyright infringement.

    • Of course I don’t mind removing the image. I have stated in the FAQ/About page that I am a reasonable person – no need to resort to questioning my ‘decency’. Good luck with your quest.

    • I have openly stated that most of the content found on this blog is sourced from somewhere else. I’m never trying to take credit for other peoples work – merely re-sharing what I find awesome online. If I can be be confident that the image was sourced from a particular website/owner I will link it as a source (most of the comics I post), but other stuff is flying around the web on forums, tumblrs, and other websites it makes it difficult.

      When someone contacts me about an image I follow up about it (as long as they are polite about it).

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