Stealing Home like a boss

“This is totally awesome. I was asking my American buddy about the technical details of being safe/out in a similar situation. From what I know the catcher needs to have his foot on the baseplate?” – Ben

2 thoughts on “Stealing Home like a boss

  1. The catcher only needs to tag the runner before the runner touches the base, and hold onto the ball throughout. Most catchers remain in the baseline for that reason, since the runner cannot deviate from the path (at least not in a horizontal manner.)

    However, had this been a force play (i.e. there was another runner on third base), the catcher only needs to touch the base.

    • oh cool. yea I’m not really good on the specifics of baseball rules. I caught my first ever match whilst I was in MN this month… was a great game Twins vs. Padres… very close.

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