Offline for March

“Well ladies and gentlemen, the time has come to say goodbye…for a month” – Ben

As you may or may not be aware I am disconnecting myself from the internet and my iphone for the month of March.

I’ve noticed that I spend a lot of time online and wondering if I can disconnect.

The rules basically are:

  • No internet usage
  • No social networks (facebook, twitter, blog etc).
  • No iPhone usage
  • No Kindle
  • No “Next-Gen” videogames – no PS3/360/Wii etc.
  • No online gaming.
  • No watching downloaded TV shows/Movies.


  • Work-related internet usage (specifically work related definitions and spell checking etc. This means that no DJing music!
  • SNES gaming will be allowed but only in a social aspect to help my Sister and GF complete difficult levels in mario (no more than 10mins of consecutive playing).
  • My blog will automatically publish content throughout the month of march, which will also result in automated twitter posts. This is fully automated and I won’t be able to touch any of these until after March.


  • All my passwords to sites have been changed for March and looked after by my gf.
  • I have  swapped my iPhone 4 for an old Nokia.
  • Everyone that is friends with me on facebook, twitter, PS3 etc can see when I have last been active.
  • People at work can see if I am surfing the web.


I have had people offer to sponsor me, or bet I can’t do it. I have decided to make a charity donation page for the QLD relief appeal. I am not actively fundraising, but I hoped that if people wanted to give some money it would be for a good cause.

So I’ll be reading news in newspapers, watching movies at the cinema, reading actual books and just basically living like that in March.

I’ll be back on April 1st. See ya then.


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