I want an iPhone 4

“I begin by stating, I am not an apple fan boi” – Ben

My next phone.

Well if you haven’t heard, there is a new iPhone coming out. It has better battery life, HD camera (with flash) and is somehow thinner. I am not a apple-mad fan boy, so I’ll admit that HTC and Google also produce awesome phones, but I’m pretty sold on the iPhone.

Watch Apple’s iPhone 4 video here > http://j.mp/9Yj2jC

Why do I like iPhones?

  • Simple UI (User Interface) – This is what allows anyone of any age to use the phone.
  • Phone + iPod – it goes without saying, I’d rather only carry one gadget in my pocket.
  • Facebook app – whilst not perfect, it is a good way to keep up to date with friends.
  • Byline app – what I use my iPhone for 80% of the time, reading my Google reader RSS feeds on my iphone. Amazing way to pass the time.
  • Connectivity – I can view my email, calender, notes all quickly and easily… sure its been around for a long time, but iPhone UI is the key.

What I dislike about iPhones, as an owner.

  • Appstore – I disagree with Apple’s draconian stance on apps. It’s apple’s way or the highway. Exactly why there are so many jailbroken phones with cool apps.
  • No Flash – I openly mock Apple’s claims at iPhones/iPads being the best way to experience the web. Your childish attitude towards Abode will only help Google.
  • Battery life – I hate… HATE the idea of praying my phone will last a night without a charge. Hopefully iPhone 4 will improve this.
  • Slow Sync – I actually have to think about how long it will take before decided to sync my phone. It takes 5-10 minutes to do.
  • Lack of obvious phone features – customised SMS tones, group contacts… all these things my phone had 4 years ago… still unavailable and only a software update away.

So in the end, the good features outweigh the bad.

and as a closing thought, here’s my stance on the iPad.

“The iPad is nothing more than a heavy iPod Touch. It does not address a specific need. Perhaps in the next few generations of the product it will find usefullness.  I cannot justify buying a product just because it has a big screen.” – Ben

or my tweet about it on twitter:

“it’s an answer to a question nobody asked” – Ben < via Twitter

iPad's... remember... brace for impact... bonus points if you make them drop it.

I made another Apple image… which I think people will appreciate.

In regards to telling customers what features they want

and .. no flash…

No Flash = cannot view 67% of interesting web content.

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