Everything I Don’t Like in Life Crammed into One Movie Poster

“This was the best title for a post by Unreality. I had to re-post this completely because it is epic. I hate Sex and the City. Its like a documentary on why women are insane.” – Ben

1. Sex in the City

2. Sarah Jessica Parker

3. Bad puns

4. Girls with big sunglasses

5. The fact this is coming out on or near my birthday

6. Pulsating disco lights

7. New York City, no offense if you live there

8. Dead franchises being beaten until a few more dollars start leaking from their orifices

Why not just have broccoli and someone texting during a movie on there and you’ll have a full set of stuff I hate?

They’re making another one of these and the Arrested movie still isn’t done? Gahh.

( all of this is from UNREALITY, good work!!!!)

2 thoughts on “Everything I Don’t Like in Life Crammed into One Movie Poster

  1. Ben, I like what you wrote and although I am female, I totally hate that movie very much because it is actually stereotyping women as materialistic, vain and sex-obsessed harpies. Yes, Sex and the City is a long gone dead franchise.

    • Thanks! I’m glad you liked it. I really despise the whole Sex and The City thing and refuse to be in the same room as anyone watching it.

      I hope you enjoy the rest of my blog.

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