JR is a bad man

Ok, this took place at work the other night. Basically I’ve been getting gourmet fresh pasta to take into work and cook for dinner. I bought some really nice sounding Goats cheese and feta ravioli and made it with some ready-made creamy pasta sauce.

Since I only get 30 min for my break, I spent most of my time actually cooking the pasta and cleaning up the kitchen. I took my finished meal back to my desk where I quickly finished it off and left it sitting next to my desk. Hours passed…

Photobucket Photobucket

…eventually JR walks up, chatting away and I notice that the remains of the pasta look particularly disturbing and I say to him;

“Yum, want some?”

to which he replies;

“No thanks, that looks like baby vomit… in fact, that looks like a gay man’s fart.”


I like to think that there is a limit, a bottom point of things that JR can say that are disturbing and wrong, but he always finds a way to lower it. Every time.

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