How Can She Slap??

Ok, here is a bit popular internet video for you. The How Can She Slap? video.

Basically the video is of some crazy Indian reality TV show, where the hot but mean host slaps this guy, who obviously isn’t reacting to her verbal abuse.

HOW CAN SHE SLAP? – Watch more Free Videos

…wow huh? that’s crazy. The guy looks like he does it out of reflex, and then immediately realises he’s in deep shit. It’s not right to hit a woman, but then again its not right of her to hit him either. And it definately isn’t right for 30 guys to rush him and beat the crap out of him.

It apparently went down like this (according to the bottom video parody, you can hear the words):

Guy: “We don’t want to talk to you actually” (smirking)
Host: “FUCK YOU !”
Guy: [no] “you” (smirking)
Host SLAPs Guy
Guy: “How Can She Slap?”

and, thanks to Simon, here is the How Can You Slap T-Shirt


and here are some parody youtube clips that reference the original video above:

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