Remember, remember November

I shall begin my little November rant with a brief explanation of the post title. It is taken from V for Vendetta, an awesome movie that I would highly recommend

“Remember, remember, the Fifth of November, the Gunpowder Treason and Plot. I know of no reason why the Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot… But what of the man? I know his name was Guy Fawkes and I know, in 1605, he attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament. But who was he really? What was he like? We are told to remember the idea, not the man, because a man can fail. He can be caught, he can be killed and forgotten, but 400 years later, an idea can still change the world.”

I felt like I haven’t contributed anything original on my blog in a little while so here we go.



Wow, I can’t believe that my little blog has received over 10,000 views since its creation on the 18th Feb 2008. I am totally stoked about this. Mind you I know that about 30% of those clicks will be from me mucking around trying to fix blogs or look up stuff I blogged about. But thanks to everyone that visits, and the very loyal few that continue to read my blog regularly. Please write comments or rate my posts as I enjoy the feedback

and FYI, to the 1-2 morons that post comments attacking me or my readers (spam), your IP addresses are logged everytime you comment. I know where you are from Mr. Canadian and you aren’t clever.


One thing I particularly enjoy doing during particular bouts of boredom is browse through uncyclopedia. It is a parody/humourous version of Wikipedia. I have added my own unique spin on the following articles; Red Ring of Death, Pool, BASEketball, Optimus Prime and even wrote some myself; Naboo and Insanity540.

The “Heroes” are stupid



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Ok, I like the show Heroes, but lately their plot has become strange and stupid. I know ratings are falling and producers are getting the axe because of it. In one of the latest episodes Peter Petrelli, who has the awesome ability of being able to copy other peoples abilities and use them, met his “dead” father. His father says there is nothing to fear, and offers him a hug. Now considering we are in a world where anyone can have any power, would you run up to your newly returned father and embrace him? Or would you be a little be suspicious? I know I would probably have used Peter’s invisibility to suss out what was happening in the Pinehurst installation first. But hey that’s just me. But you know what happens, Peter’s dad sucks all his abilities away from him, which he kinda deserves for being such a moron. We now know that Mr. Petrelli, Arthur, is the main bad guy in this “Villians” season of Heroes.

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The thing that really annoys me was S03E08 where the cool African future painter gets killed by Arthur with Hiro right next door, and then he walks out and gets attacked by Arthur. Seriously, lets assume you are Hiro with the ability to control time and space (the ability to freeze time, teleport, time travel). Someone you have been talking to is brutally killed (beheaded), what is your first instinct to do? FREEZE TIME! I would have instantly frozen time and found out who did it, not walk around like a moron and let someone attack me. I mean come on, Hiro has one of the best powers, but never uses freeze time!

If the writers keep heading in this stupid direction I’m going to stop watching the show.

Censoring Australian Internet (Aka “No Clean Feed”)


There is nothing more dangerous than a politician with a crazy idea. Take the current situation with the proposed Internet filter in Australia. You probably haven’t seen this reported on Channel Ten news, or Today Tonight but its been mentioned offhandedly in the press. Basically the situation is that Labour, specifically Senator Conroy, in all his wonderful intelligence and grace, has designed a filter for Australian internet. The intended aim: to prevent child pornography and online gambling. While this is a noble goal, I have no argument with that, it is the method in which the government is applying. They are trying to force all ISPs in the country to enact a two level filter of the internet with a blacklist of sites that cannot be accessed. So which sites are blacklisted? That’s not public information. Who decides which websites the Australian public can visit? An unaccountable group (ACMA) that can be influenced by political parties. Politicians have already stated that websites that focus on Euthanasia and anorexia would be worth of filtering. The ACMA will have to monitor the internet continuously as new websites are launched, an impossible task.

The proposed internet filter will not only censor your internet usage, but it will also slow down your internet connection (by an average of 30%, but up to 80% by a government report). Also studies have proven that the scheme they are going to enact will only mistakenly block 10,000 sites out of every million. Also the scheme will not stop p2p/torrent downloading, which is where the majority of this questionable content can be found.

It has been budgeted for $44 million. That isn’t that much money, is it?

The problem is that this is a completely misguided and unpopular attempt. When surveyed, it was discovered that 92% of the Australian is against it. What the government should be doing is: continuing to provide all citizens with free NetNanny like software censoring to protect children from accessing unwanted content, have a taskforce that is specifically focused on tracking down child pornography to actually combat the problem they are trying to fight, and leave the general population’s internet access alone.

National protests are occurring on the 13th December

I just found KevinRudd on twitter and asked him if he really wanted to enact a policy that was opposed by 92% of Australians. Remember, if they are unpopular, they won’t last in politics. It is interesting to note that he has added me back and is now following my twitter feed (the first person to follow me is the Prime Minister, I feel all important now lol).

Here is a good YouTube clip based on the No Clean Feed campaign & twitter;

And in closing, there was a post on Zgeek today about ironic it is that politicians were complaining about their internet access being censored, when this is exactly what they want to happen in all of Australia. Even though the story was 5 months old, I still left my thoughts on the issue;

The peoples republic of Australia does not care if you cannot access the internet, you will watch, read and think what we tell you to. We are accountable to no one, as we are elected by you, the people. We will do what is best for you. Kicking and screaming we shall bring order to Australia, and protect it’s childrens fragile little minds.

I for one will be protesting, and telling anyone that will listen how fucking retarded this situation is. People don’t even know about it. The nation wide protest is on 13th December.

It’s good to see that Labour are once again wasting the surplus the Liberal government saved during Howard’s leadership on very important schemes. I hope that when the money runs out, and our country falls into recession with the rest of the world, people look back at what they spent it on, who was responsible, and lynch them all from the top of parliament house.

People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.” (V)”

And a very clever response by one of the Zgeek community;

“Please don’t vote for the Labor party, for they are monumental tools.” – dwarfthrower, 2007.”

Homeless people and Lost


Catching the train home from work late the other night I was both fortunate and unfortunate enough to encounter a homeless woman. It was fortunate because without her being on the platform when she was, the train would not have re-opened its doors and I would have missed by train. It was unfortunate because I got within 10m of her and was immediately hit with “hobo” smell. That wall of stench of the unbathed. It occurred to me, once clear of devastation zone, that in all probability that the people you see on Lost would all smell like that, reeking to high heaven.

Unit inspection, giggity

I’m be moving out of my place soon and the real estate agent is bringing some people around to inspect our unit today. We all cleaned the place and it is looking great. I’m kinda sad about leaving though because it is so close to the city and cuts down on my travel time heaps. I guess I’ll be saving more money living back at home. The whole giggity thing was because I posted the following as my facebook status:

“is cleaning his unit for its inspections tomorrow”

And my friends laughed and pointed out the slightly obscure sexual reference.

Guitar Hero: World Tour

Being a big Guitar Hero fan, I went out and purchased (invested $288) the complete band set of World Tour. I love playing the drums as they require a bit of coordination and skill to pull off. It is said that if you can play them on hard/expert that you can actually play the drums, lol. I have found that the trick to playing them is to remember that drumming is about keeping a beat/rhythm, so concentrating on that is key. If you watch the “gems” flying at you, you tend to start playing to the words/guitar side of the song. Personally I love being able to play guitar, drums, and sing to The Eagle’s “Hotel California” or try my best to keep up to System of a Down’s “BYOB”.

Mr. Chef & Cooking

One thing I really enjoy doing is cooking. Albeit my style leans towards the more unhealthy side of cooking, but you know what they say; “never trust a skinny chef”. I have a few dishes that I like to make, but I consider my Boscaiola pasta one of my signature dishes. I made a massive batch of it the other day in anticipation for a few back-to-back midnight shifts at work. Its easy to reheat the pasta for dinner. The pasta itself is best freshly cooked because it is a creamy sauce, which really doesn’t handle microwave reheating well.

Anyway, I had it at work last night, and one of my colleagues said it smelt good and offered to swap some of his sister’s asian cooking with some of my pasta. We swapped (and ate far too much of both) and one of my other colleagues asked me to give him the recipe for it, so I put my Boscaiola pasta recipe up on a blog post. I may stick up some of my other creations under the topic of cooking.

Personal Feedback

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was unsuccessful in getting in med school this year, and that I was applying to get some feedback from the university. They contacted me the other day, after receiving my letter, and said that they would setup a meeting with one of the academics and they would go over the feedback personally with me. This will occur on the 9th of Decemeber, so watch this space for news.

[Update: First Blogroll]

This post was commented on by Luli, and she added my blog to her list of Australian writers. Woo! First time my blog has been featured somewhere.


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