The Saga of the Boba Fett Blaster

I am a massive Star Wars fan. You might have noticed the Han Solo Desk featured in one of my earlier posts. Anyway, I purchased this totally kick-ass replica of Boba Fett‘s blaster from Master Replicas (a company that does awesome limited edition replica’s of movie props).

Boba Fett is my favourite character from the films.

Anyway bought the blaster, case and everything, on eBay. It got seized by Australian customs because it looks like a gun, or is a gun replica or something like that. So I apply to get it back, they require police authorisation, the police say get a firearms permit, the permit can’t be given for a replica unless I’m a member of an official society, and none exists in Australia. So there, trapped in red tape. So I officially relinquish my claim, as Customs say that I would have to take the matter to court.


or am I ? I got a UPS slip saying they tried to deliver a package to me from USA, the same town I ordered the blaster from, and the tracking information states its 39 pounds (17kg) and the order was generated the same day my payment was processed… perhaps I will be lucky????

or perhaps customs have put the melted down gun back into the case and released it…

[[UPDATED]] the fucking bastards sent me the display case and everything minus the blaster itself. How retarded. It was even wrapped in bright orange posters saying “THIS IS A REPLICA OF A MOVIE PROP: ATTENTION CUSTOMS!”… bastards.

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